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Friday 17.06.2022,

14h -18h

Saturday 18.06.2022,

09h – 12h, 14h - 18h

Workshop Wunda Chair

with Joachim Schultz


A Day and a half of exploring the classical Wunda Chair Repertoire

Experience the Pilates Wunda Chair in a new light.

  • A few personal thoughts and experiences regarding the Wunda Chair:

  • As all the apparatus, the Wunda chair is an excellent teacher. I work with the machine and not against it. It’s not about fighting or dealing with resistance, it’s about recognizing how the load of the springs informs my fascial matrix and how I can distribute that load into my whole system, finding flow and ease in movement, opening up and spreading out.

  • The Wunda Chair is the apparatus that allows me to feel the most direct communication with the spring load. It is the one, where fighting with it is the least helpful, because it so strongly fights back. When I sense myself contracting and seizing up in an exercise, I know that I am forcing an issue where I need to allow the Chair to give me the information needed.

Individual training sessions

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Joachim Schultz

“I am passionate about bodywork.


At the heart of this passion is my continuous search for new understandings and the relentless questioning of methods otherwise taken for granted, built on both theoretical research and first-hand practice.


As human beings, we are complex, challenging creatures. That is why I love my work so much,

as I am always fascinated by the most inspiring dynamics that never fail to emerge during my treatment sessions, and by the depth and often astonishing speed of the personal developments achieved by my clients, and also by myself.


I am grateful to the network of specialists in all fields of work whose mutual dialogue and collaboration I greatly value and which can give my clients the help they need to get (back) on their feet: colleagues who work in Pilates and structural integration, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, Feldenkrais therapists, Spiraldynamik® specialists, craniosacral therapists, facilitators,psychologists and coaches.”


Workshop: 500 chf

Personal training sessions: 140 chf


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