Class timetable

9:00            Matwork

12h00         Circuit class

18:00          Circuit class



17:45          Matwork

9:00            Matwork

18h00         Circuit class

7:00            Matwork

9:00            Circuit class

Workshops -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phA7OmrDV_0​


Matwork:  group classes
1 session                  40.-
10 sessions              300.-

Private classes
1 session                  120.-
5 sessions                550.-
10 sessions              1000.-

Duo (price for 2 persons)                   
1 session                  200.-
5 sessions                900.-
10 sessions              1600.-

Quartet (Circuit classes, price for 1 person)      
5 x                            300.-
10 x                          500.-

Pre-registration is required for group classes. Courses open on enrolment of three participants.

Ten-session subscriptions are valid for 12 weeks. Five-session subscriptions are valid for six weeks.

Private and Duo classes must be reserved in advance.

If you are unable to attend a Private, Duo or Circuit class, please inform us 24 hours ahead, otherwise the full charge remains due.

Class time missed for holidays or other reasons can be made up at another available session.

​Five- and ten-session subscriptions are payable in advance. Any sessions remaining after the expiry date cannot be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding.