Founder of Momentum

"I’ve always been interested in what’s around the corner…
How does our past shape our body and affect the way we use it? Where does our physical strength come from? How are we able to stand upright? I’ve come to appreciate that the body is a tensegrity structure (a biodynamic equilibrium of tensional forces) and that it functions in expansion.

But, today, our bodies are compression structures. They become stuck.

How can we eliminate these sticky areas and redistribute gravity through the body taking strain off our joints? All parts of our body are interconnected, so we should work our body as a whole rather than concentrating on individual muscles in isolation. Let’s learn to use our body as if it were a spring, and encourage our muscles to work together as a single, powerful unit. Most daily movements are dynamic movements.

So, we have every reason to demand viable muscles that function properly in dynamic situations.”

Aleksandra began her career in Poland as a dancer with a modern dance company and also studied sports science and trained as a performing arts teacher. She choreographed a multitude of dance performances and… along the way, discovered Pilates.
In 2005, Aleksandra came to Switzerland, where she taught dance to four- to six-year-olds. Before long, she decided to pursue her dream of teaching Pilates and enrolled on an instructor’s course at the Pilates Institute on Lake Geneva. On completion of her training, she spent 10 years as an instructor at Pilates Studio in Nyon, honing her skills while continuing to expand her expertise by attending classes led by Michael King, Cathy Corey and Lolita San Miguel. She also spent two years as a personal trainer with My Studio in Paudex (Lausanne).
Investigating other approaches to movement and understanding of the body, she looked to Namaha, Geneva, where she trained with Célina Hwang in whole-body interconnectedness, according to the meridians in Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept and the original Joseph Pilates repertoire. Aleksandra has been a keen participant in many of Karin Locher, Lis Koch and Célina Hwang’s workshops on the body’s physical, anatomical, emotional and energetic intelligence. The deep revelations acquired on this exciting adventure have led Aleksandra to completely rethink her views on the human body.
She is currently following an Anatomy Trains’ Structural Essentials: Fascia Bodywork course in manual therapy techniques, also at Namaha.