Momentum Pilates is a bright, welcoming, contemporary studio designed for those who choose to look after their bodies through movement. Our holistic approach combines traditional Pilates exercises with new techniques based on the latest scientific knowledge of how the human body moves and functions.

Choose from a variety of training options to find what best corresponds to your own well-being goals. Define your lifestyle and come and explore how Momentum can help you achieve it.

New understanding of the human body

During a session, our minds and bodies are invited to work together to awaken our physical intelligence, paying attention to the myofascial meridians (muscle chains) described by Thomas W. Myers in his Anatomy Trains concept.  Through elongation, the use of anchor points and multidirectional whole-body movements, we open up our inner space. Greater body awareness leads to efficient, ergonomic movement.

Less is more...

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We never stop learning


Private classes

One-to-one sessions start with a postural assessment to target your specific needs and goals. Private classes are tailored to let you progress at your own pace using Joseph Pilates’ traditional equipment. The springs bring added resistance and allow it to flow through the body without strain on the joints.


The Quality and safety of all our classes are verified and confirmed by  Quali Cert.

Course fees are covered by certain insurances.

Ask for the confirmation of participation form and send it to your heart Insurance.

Matwork: group classes

Our varied Matwork classes are based on the 34 movements devised by Joseph Pilates and are suited to beginners and advanced students alike. Discover your anchor points and how to distribute the force of gravity, activating and building strong connections throughout your whole body. Explore conscious movement. 


Circuit classes

A training session in a small group of four, using our range of Pilates equipment.


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